Anal Punishment – 2 I've had this open anal plug inside of me for 4 hours. I had to eliminate after 2 hours and was terrified the plug would slip out and I would have to retrieve it, clean it, and then ask Sir to reinsert it. How humiliating!!! Luckily, that didn't happen. However, as I was squatting … Continue reading Anal Punishment – 2

Maintenance Saturday

Maintenance Saturday. I dread Saturday mornings almost as much as I look forward to them. Some things remain the same. Some change. I present myself in Husband's office, nude, hands behind my back, at precisely 10:00 a.m. I confess whatever I feel I could have done better during that week. He can add to the … Continue reading Maintenance Saturday

Obedience – Not hard?

Obedience. Not a hard concept. There's a rule. You follow the rule. Simple. Yet, like many things, it's simple only in concept. The execution of obedience is something else entirely. Say, for example, your Dominant has set a rule which limits your speech. Simple. Don't talk. Yet, in reality, how often is it simply an … Continue reading Obedience – Not hard?

Most “hated” punishment

Milord has tasked me with writing about the various punishments and how I feel about them. He asked which of all the punishments he has deemed necessary do I dislike the most. Without question - extended figging!! A few months ago I broke one of our rules. I did not insert a Yoni Egg. Naturally, … Continue reading Most “hated” punishment