Anytime, Anyplace He Chooses

Milord has, intentionally I'm sure, not commanded me to worship his cock for several days. I have, however, begged him to allow me to do so. It was two days before I could sit somewhat comfortably after I forgot the rule. Remember to beg. Today, he reminded me that another rule Standard Rule is this: SUBMIT … Continue reading Anytime, Anyplace He Chooses

Fall Rules – Fiction

Milord has decided that because he has a new job and mine has gone cray-cray, we need to simplify our lives. I totally agree. As a result, we are downgrading our Fall rules from our regular 10 to 5. Ten was becoming cumbersome, and many of the rules were repeated every season. Therefore, we now … Continue reading Fall Rules – Fiction

Rule #1 – Wear only Skirts or Dresses

This is my first Rule of Summer. Wear only skirts or dresses - no shorts or pants. I really thought I'd hate this rule, but it turns out, I rather like it. First, dresses are cool - literally. More air flow! Second. Mister has easy access to my nether parts. Third - well, see Second! Yesterday, … Continue reading Rule #1 – Wear only Skirts or Dresses