An Incredible Journey

The resort would put a five star hotel to shame. Everything was exquisite. Even the walkways which were trod primarily by naked feet were swept twice a day and blanketed in flower petals. Because of the "no butt juice on furniture" rule, those of us who were either by choice or by rule nude, wore … Continue reading An Incredible Journey

Discipline shall set you Free

We have both been vaccinated, and so the risk of adding to this pandemic are slim. It has been for too long since The Disciplinarian has had time with me. We both know this will be a harsh and long overdue session. I arrive at the boutique hotel at precisely 1:00 p.m. To arrive either … Continue reading Discipline shall set you Free

Anal discipline x2 – the ending

I was standing, stretching my legs. For the past four hours I had been strapped to the adjustable spanking bench with my anus alternatingly filled with cock, soap stick, and peppermint coated plug in between bouts of my bowels being emptied and my mouth being used to clean those said cocks. I have never felt … Continue reading Anal discipline x2 – the ending