Last night was a challenge - one I accepted and passed. Milord knows I dislike being "displayed". He also knows that pushing my boundaries (NOT my hard limits) excites us both. The challenge:  Keep my legs spread while Milord does as he pleases with my exposed area. During his exploration, Milord will also share the … Continue reading Transformed

Fulfillment through Punishment Milord exercised his right to choose my lingerie this evening. He handed me a lovely pair of leopard print panties complete with a wireless vibrator. I looked at him, bit my lip, then put them on. After all, per our Updated House Rules, I couldn't very well deny him a right I willing … Continue reading Fulfillment through Punishment

Trusting Him

Whatever Milord places on or in me will remain there until he either gives permission or personally removes the item or substance. There will be no no whining or complaining tolerated. It's a simple rule, really. One would think. But then he positioned me on the floor, elbows, knees, toes forearms, and forehead touching the … Continue reading Trusting Him

Corset – not waist – Training

I've always struggled with posture, having a slight curvature in my spine and - let's be honest - on the lazy side. I've always envied the exquisite, powerful posture of the people from days gone by. So, when I shared this with Sir, he suggested Corset Training, not to be confused with waist training. My … Continue reading Corset – not waist – Training

Pleasure through Pain

Pleasure through Pain Breathe. Count. Focus. Then, his voice. You did it. I blink my eyes open. Smile. He leans down. Kisses my mouth before he straddles me.  Breathe. Focus. No need for counting to 10 over and over now. My eyes drink in his body. His strong, muscular chest, his biceps, naturally rounded and … Continue reading Pleasure through Pain

Anal Punishment – 2 I've had this open anal plug inside of me for 4 hours. I had to eliminate after 2 hours and was terrified the plug would slip out and I would have to retrieve it, clean it, and then ask Sir to reinsert it. How humiliating!!! Luckily, that didn't happen. However, as I was squatting … Continue reading Anal Punishment – 2

Maintenance Saturday

Maintenance Saturday. I dread Saturday mornings almost as much as I look forward to them. Some things remain the same. Some change. I present myself in Husband's office, nude, hands behind my back, at precisely 10:00 a.m. I confess whatever I feel I could have done better during that week. He can add to the … Continue reading Maintenance Saturday