10 ways to show Submission when you can’t have sex

 Speak respectfully - throw a "Sir" or "Mistress" or other honorific into your mundane conversation. Dress - Dress in a manner which pleases your Dominant - dresses, dress shirt/slacks, skimpy, no shirt at all. Food - either cook or order your Dominant's favorites. Food is sexy!!! Read - read aloud to your Dominant or, read … Continue reading 10 ways to show Submission when you can’t have sex

Show me your Marks

"Bend over," Mitch said quietly. Joanne looked at him, wide eyed, and obeyed. He flipped her skirt over her hips and ran a hand down her bare bottom and thighs. She new better than to wear panties. Nonetheless, it was time, Mitch thought, to make sure she remembered to whom she belonged. "Count for me, … Continue reading Show me your Marks

Public Session during Social Distance – 2

Public Session during Social Distancing Another card flipped over. "3" "Clothes pins on nipples." Mister complied. I gasped and he reached down to run a finger through my slit. He laughed and sucked off my juices. "It seems our game is pleasing my little submissive, friends." I heard laughter from the screen. Mister, as he … Continue reading Public Session during Social Distance – 2

Public Session during Social Distancing

As per our New Year Rules 2020,  Mister may call on a session at any time. I may, of course,  object, but without a very good reason not to (embarrassment and "I don't want to" are NOT good reasons), I will obey. Today, he called for a session. He sent me a text with instructions:  Wear … Continue reading Public Session during Social Distancing

Testing out the New Collar

My Ard Ri today gifted me this new collar. He, naturally, holds the key so only he can unlock the pretty heart lock and remove it. (Naturally, I know where the spare is in case of emergency.) Aside for an emergency, however, I will wear this lovely piece of jewelry 24/7. I couldn't be happier … Continue reading Testing out the New Collar

24 hours of total surrender

You're sure, absolutely sure you want to give me full control of you for the next 24 hours? I am Galatia stated. "I will still respect your safeword, but otherwise, you will be punished if you disobey me." I would expect so. With this assurance of her consent, I began our evening. First, she would shower, … Continue reading 24 hours of total surrender