Accepting a Reprimand- Day 1

  I am not happy with this situation. I am, however, deserving of this situation and, in fact, asked Milord to please correct my behavior however he chose. I was mouthy - like WAAAYYYY mouth. I broke our New Year Rules 2020 and our House Rules. What I did doesn't really matter - just suffice it to say … Continue reading Accepting a Reprimand- Day 1

Missing Mask Mistake – 14 days later

I have been quarantined strictly for the last 14 days because I did not wear a mask while grocery shopping. The only covering on my body has been my collar and leash. Sure, I could have unbuckled it while Sir was away since my hands are not bound and there are no cameras in the … Continue reading Missing Mask Mistake – 14 days later

Five ways to know you MIGHT be a Dominant

 You are more relaxed in situations which you can control. You feel extremely protective of those under your care or authority. You thought the guy in the movie The Secretary was a wimp and needed to embrace his kinkiness. You fantasize about having a submissive kneeling before you. You've threatened - or wanted to threaten … Continue reading Five ways to know you MIGHT be a Dominant