2021 House Rules

I was bored. Milord was bored. So what do we do to relieve boredom? Update the New House Rules of course! Old rule:  Wear ONLY matching lingerie and only on weekdays. No underclothing of any kind on weekends. Milord may also decree a weekday to be sans lingerie at his discretion. NEW RULE: Wear underclothing … Continue reading 2021 House Rules

5 Reasons why being a submissive MIGHT be relaxing

You have 2 decisions to make: Yes or No. Actually, you have ONE decision to make - NO. Unless the safeword is used which is an immediate STOP, the answer is always yes. 2. You don't have to focus on 10,000 different things. You focus on only on pleasing your Dominant. One thing. Just one. … Continue reading 5 Reasons why being a submissive MIGHT be relaxing

Maintenance on Demand

https://www.instagram.com/anariebrady/ I leaned over the desk and drew in a steadying breath. I was naked, as I should be when being punished or maintained. Today, it's maintained. I needed this. I needed to know he remembers my place and his place. I need to feel his power. TELL ME WHO YOU ARE. i am myself, … Continue reading Maintenance on Demand