The Adventures of Scott Pepper and Wayne Wiggles – 1

Wayne Wiggles tightened the final knot. Now, all that was left to do was arrange the sushi. He bend down, kissed the beautiful "platter", and said, "Thanks for doing this, Sophie. My brother's going to love it." Sophie smiled and replied, "I'm pretty sure we're both going to love it." Wayne finished placing the last … Continue reading The Adventures of Scott Pepper and Wayne Wiggles – 1

Broken Winter Rule

As stated previously, I've already broken a Winter Rule by not posting my Winter Rules sooner. As a result, Master was . quite displeased. I can't believe I'm writing this, but it's better than another punishment/discipline session. Yesterday's session - an all day affair - was more than enough to put me on the straight … Continue reading Broken Winter Rule

Winter Rules – a bit late

I apologize and assure you that I have been properly disciplined for this late posting (more on that later). Since December 22, our Winter Rules have been in effect. In addition to our House Rules, these five rules will be in effect until March 22. So, here's the Big Five.  I will post a new … Continue reading Winter Rules – a bit late