Birthday Recovery

So yesterday Sir lovingly gave me 360 swats neatly divided into 8 groups of 45. He used his hand, a pizza peel (Holy Shite!!), a yardstick, a new wooden spoon, and his belt (which he used with little force!) Today, sitting is, to say the least, challenging. He also did other deviant and wonderful things … Continue reading Birthday Recovery

Boho Chic for the Submissive

Boho is my style. I'm proud of it. I love the looseness, the comfort, and the totally "can be seen in public" aspect of it. Why is that last important? Because Mr. Mister and I are social people, but also private. Publicly, we are like any other couple. Privately, I'm a total sub junkie. I … Continue reading Boho Chic for the Submissive